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UAE free zones allow companies 100% ownership of their businesses.

Companies can trade internationally and are allowed to own real estate within the UAE in so-called freehold areas. Companies in the United Arab Emirates free zones can offer services and products without an agent, but to sell their products on the mainland of the UAE, partnering with a UAE onshore-registered company is necessary. Free zones offer options such as flexi-desk and flexi-office setups if no office space is required for the company’s operations, great infrastructure, access to freehold property, and complete privacy for investors, with limited reporting obligations.

The main benefits of establishing a Free Zone Company in the UAE include:
• 100% exemption from corporate and income taxes

• Cost-effective business incorporation solutions
• Fast & easy incorporation and company management
• Wide and comprehensive range of business activities including Consultancy, Service and Trading options
• 100% foreign ownership
• Business owners are not required to be physically present during the incorporation process
• Companies have limited liability
• Zero foreign currency restrictions
• Full repatriation of company profits and capital
• Low set-up costs
• No physical office requirements
• No share capital requirement
• Ability to incorporate holding companies

There are 59 free zones in the United Arab Emirates and choosing which free zone to start your company in, will depend on your requirements for the business. Here is a list of popular activities available within free zones. If you are not sure about the exact activities you do require, we will assist to designate the best activities for your new business. There are over 2,000 activities available.
Gold Refinery
Communications & Technology
Professional Services
Food & Agriculture Wholesale
Construction & Engineering
Metals & Minerals
Computer-related Activities
Real Estate
Photographic Activities
Capital Markets Insurance
Fund Management
Wealth Management
Private Equity
Professional Service Providers
Cafes & Restaurants
Art Galleries
Educational Support
Sports Activities
Interior Design Consultancy
Trading Activities
Motor Vehicles Parts & Repairs
Project Management Consultancy
Events & Catering
Marketing Consultancy
Management Consultancy
Commercial Broker Consultancy
Environmental Consultancy
Event Management
Fashion Design Consultancy
Insurance Consultancy
Investment Consultancy
Wholesale on a fee or contract basis
Accounting Consultancy
Wholesale of Goods
Hospitality Management

FREE ZONE Prices starting from AED 5,750

with 3 Business Activities & No Visa

Business setup timeframes starting from 3-4 days
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