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C O R P O R A T E  S E R V I C E S C O N S U L T A T I O N E X P A N S I O N R E S T R U C T U R I N G

Todays' situation requires strategic decision making - to identify chances of new markets, synergies, and growth, whether to create new businesses, to merge or acquire, or to restructure existing companies for e.g., expansion, succession and inheritance.

Such processes are complex and challenging. Our multinational experts will consult and develop innovative solutions to optimise your profits and operations and will ensure a seamless implementation of the transformation of your business.
100% Company Ownership
A long-awaited move, discussed for many, many years, the UAE has now abandoned the mandatory requirement of having a GCC national as a 51% shareholder in onshore companies.

Formerly, only certain activities and professions were exempted from the rule of the need of a local shareholder. This has been hindering many foreign corporations to enter the UAE market, unless such entities chose a free zone as its domiciles, by that not being able to operate legally on the mainland.
Divorce & Inheritance
Previously, unless otherwise applied for and very costly, the Sharia had been applied for divorce and inheritance cases.

From now on, if a couple were married in their home country, but get a divorce in the UAE, the laws of the country where the marriage took place will apply. The new law mentions joint assets and joint accounts, and that the court could be called on to mediate if there was no agreement between the two parties.

The changes also cover wills and inheritance.
Unmarried Couples
Until now, it has been illegal for an unmarried couple, or even unrelated flatmates, to share a home in the Emirates.

The law will now allow for the legal cohabitation of unmarried couples.

Alcohol consumption is no longer illegal in the UAE. Previously, residents as well as tourist were required to possess an alcohol license to legally drink alcohol, both at home and in licensed place, such as e.g. restaurants, bars, and clubs.

From now on, anyone who drinks or is in possession of alcohol or sells alcoholic beverages in authorised areas without an alcohol license will not face penalties.

We do not believe in a one-shoe-fits-all policy. Our team draws on its knowledge and experience to make sure that the specific parameters of each client’s needs are considered from all angles.

Our Areas of Expertise

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> Corporate Structure Optimisation
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