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Todays' situation requires strategic decision making - to identify chances of new markets, synergies, and growth, whether to create new businesses, to merge or acquire, or to restructure existing companies for e.g., expansion, succession and inheritance.

Such processes are complex and challenging. Our multinational experts will consult and develop innovative solutions to optimise your profits and operations, and will ensure a seamless implementation of the transformation of your business.


We do not believe in a one-shoe-fits-all policy. Our team draws on its knowledge and experience to make sure that the specific parameters of each client’s needs are considered from all angles. We carefully analyse each individual requirement, present the available options, develop a plan of action and implement such plan in a timely manner. Our expertise and fostered relationships allow us to deal with even the most difficult procedures and overcome any challenges and obstacles that may arise.

A Mainland Company in the UAE allows you the freedom to start and operate your business freely across the UAE and internationally.


UAE free zones allow companies 100% ownership of their businesses. Companies can trade internationally and are allowed to own real estate within the UAE in so-called freehold areas.


Global Connections offers tailor-made advice for individuals and businesses.

> Corporate Structure Optimisation
> Expansion Planning & Structuring
> Corporate Inheritance Planning
> Shareholding Structures

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