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Global Connections offers tailor-made advice that reaches far beyond what is provided by normal corporate service providers. Company formations are complex and consist of continuously changing regulations, laws, and government policies. The consequences of not drawing on well-informed and experienced professionals can be far-reaching, including high costs, rejection of applications, and reputational damages. Applying for a new company is a serious undertaking and requires expert know-how.

Our extensive knowledge in company formations enables us to better understand the challenges our clients are facing and to deliver practical and effective solutions. We are all aware of the fact that no two clients are the same and the needs of our clients vary considerably. Therefore, what distinguishes us from other providers is that we take it upon ourselves to design custom solutions to match the client’s respective needs and wishes and that we are able to work in a creative and innovative manner within the confinements of local and international law.

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We do not believe in a one-shoe-fits-all policy. Our team draws on its knowledge and experience to make sure that the specific parameters of each client’s needs are considered from all angles. We carefully analyse each individual requirement, present the available options, develop a plan of action and implement such plan in a timely manner.

Our expertise and fostered relationships allow us to deal with even the most difficult procedures and overcome any challenges and obstacles that may arise.
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